Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Usanii makanisani...

Jamani kuna mdau kanitumia hii kutoka uganda....eti makinisa ya wapendwa uganda kuna usanii huu.....jisomee mwenyewe hapo chini....
Uganda pastor denies miracle scam

The machine gives people an electric charge, which they can pass on (Pic: Uganda Monitor)
A Uganda-based preacher has denied charges he tried to import an electric shock machine to make people believe he could pass on the Holy Spirit.
"This is a toy. It was sent for my daughters' birthday," Ghanaian Kojo Nana Obiri-Yeboah told the BBC.

The machine was seized at Entebbe airport and police are investigating.

There has been a massive growth in churches set up by charismatic preachers in Africa in recent years, amid fears some could be fraudsters.

The pastor told the BBC that during his prayers, members of the congregation "act as the spirit comes in them".

The website of the company Yigal Mesika, which makes the "Electric Touch" machine, among other magic tricks, says: "Charge a spoon, keys or coins and watch as it shocks a volunteer!

"They will believe you have supernatural powers!"

Police report

The person doing the trick wears the machine and gets an electric charge, which they can transfer to people or objects.

Kojo Nana Obiri-Yeboah denies trying to con his congregation (Pic: Uganda Monitor)

Uganda's Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo has asked police for a report into the activities of churches, such as Mr Obiri-Yeboah's We Are One ministry, following several charges of impropriety.

"We feel there is a need for a policy on religion," he told the BBC's Network Africa programme.

He denied the government was interfering in people's private lives.

"When matters go to impinging on the stability of the country, I think the government gets interested."

When the machine was seized, some thought the machine was a piece of bomb-making equipment.

Some fear that some preachers are taking advantage of poor, illiterate people, by asking them for financial contributions in the belief that in return, they would be blessed and become rich.

They rarely have any formal religious training - usually they set up a church and say they have been touched by God.

But Mr Buturo said that most of the new churches, known in Uganda as "balokole" were "contributing to the stability of our country".


Anonymous said...

afu si ndo huko uganda kwa kibwetere...
but watumishi hivi ni kweli hii habari au ni usanii tu wa baadhi ya vyombo vya habari kutaka kupotosha ukweli wa maandiko...?

John Addo (Nigeria) said...

Nobody pushed him to do this other than humans.

May be he must have overheard people complaining that he never displays his deliverance in public that is why he decided to get the device.

You know @least if there are more people like that out there then the geeks will always have something new to add to their invention.

Sometimes people make you do things. Sometime ago somebody complained saying something like "Must my pastor rake me all in the name of deliverance? This post happens to be one of the most popular on this thread in the religious sector.

Yet we blamed the guy. Had it been that the guy did not rake his church members, people will still complain that he does not do deliverance.

Sometimes it is always good to look for the truth where it lies. A lot of people believe in make believe, some believe in a soothe saying than a true prophecy and some prefer demonstration to just talks about God.

There is a possibility that his church member pressurized him to that extent, and you know man must eat.

Back in year 2002, I learnt about a pastor who happens to be one of the best in Nigeria then. Whenever he is preaching you keep hearing his followers shouting "I love my pastor". He happens to be a soothe sayer, that is why they love him. But afterward I learnt that the guy studied both Psychology and Phylosophy and with that alone you can open the heart of any man to believe you are a God.

Nowadays, false prophets are doing research, they know what people wants "Lies" "Betrayal" and they are giving it. If you do notice the church rich people goes to you will notice that the pastor is always skillfull player, he can rap better than LL COOL J, and Rap faster than Twista. And everything ends with one word (Amen)

Though I did not expect the guy to go that far.


Anonymous said...

Am not surprised.these re signs of the perilious times.more shocking revelations to come.May God help us all.