Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wanawake kuvaa Suruali Kanisani

Hivi mnalionaje watumishi swala la kinadada kuvaa suruali na vimini makanisani...
ni kwenda na wakati au ni kuifuta dunia ...?
naomba mawazo yenu tafadhali...


Anonymous said...

i was in church last two weeks, and my pastor was saying that it is wrong for a woman to wear pants/trouser. he didnt really quote the scriptures or anything. i still intend on going to him for clarifications. meanwhile i want to hear you guys arguments.

personally i do not think its a sin, and i don't really know why it was condemed in the bible

help anyone.

Anonymous said...

It's in Deuteronomy Chapter 22 that women should not wear men's clothes and vice versa. But it's quite ridiculous that out of all the laws listed in that same chapter, somebody picked out only that one. The same chapter also said that we should not wear clothes with multiple materials. I wonder why we are not following that. It's like following only one out of the 10 commandments. Therefore, I consider it ridiculous.

But let's even assume it's a commandment that should be followed. I don't wear men's trousers. I wear women's trousers. Obviously, a guy can't wear my trousers and not look funny because they are feminine trousers made for women.

Anonymous said...

Dogo hii topic naona umechemka ...kwani siku hizi kuna uhuru bana..acha kuelta injili za kizamani...

Anonymous said...

First of all, pants aren't necessarily "men's clothing". It depends on where you live (your culture e.t.c) and what time period.
I bet there was no such thing as "pants" when the book (Bible) was written.
And in some country, i forgot the name, Ireland? It's tradition that men wear plaid skirts. that's their male traditional clothing.
So a "skirt" isn't necessarily a female clothing either!!
so you can't say one piece of clothing is specifically for men and another is specifically for women.
It depends on your society and what your culture regards/views as acceptable or right.

I think that specific verse in the bible is like a civil law for the ancient israelites that does not apply to us presently in modern times. because then, the bible served as like a constitution/a book of civil law (or whatever it is you'll want to call it) that guided and ruled every aspect of the daily lives of Isrealites in those days. from what food they can or can't eat to what clothes they can or can't wear to the daily duties of the female and male and their conducts.
Just as today we have rules (i'll say governmental) but these rules aren't as strict as the past to the extent that the gov.t will tell us what and what not to wear. there's liberty/democracy or whatever it's called. ( In some nations though they still use a religious book/laws to dictate the citizens lives ex. in some muslim countries where women must cover their faces and fully submit to the opposite sex, they cut off people's hands in Sharia e.t.c.

what Joftech meant when he made the "Same-sex marriage" comment is just my point exactly.
Then the laws they had (the bible) ruled gay marriage(or any same sex relation) out, women musn't own property, slavery is legal, all other things that don't apply to the present world where we are free to do what ever we have with our lives (as long as we're not harming other citizens) without the government or bible ruling our lives.

then (before) same-sex relation was punishable by death but now if you harm a gay guy for no reason, you can go to jail for it. everyone is protected (I'm not talking about Nigeria becuse many innocent people die everyday without the police or gov.t doing nothing about it. I hope it gets better).

Also if some lady puts on pants,you can't go on the street and say "take off those, it's a sin". she'll probably charge you for harrasment.

note: not all ladies pants are revealing.
actually, most of them are not. take the business lady pants for example. like a type Hillary Clinton would put on.
Or just plain lady jeans (usually flared at the bottom) while guys' are usually baggy.

The Great Ngowi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Great Ngowi said...

Hi, I hope were are all doing fine,nina swali moja Je ni halali kwa wapendwa kutoa mimba ama sio halali, kwa vinginevyo ni dhambi kutoa mimba ama sio dhambi ?

Anonymous said...

mzee ngowi..
ngoja niiweke hii mada as new topic...
but ninavyojua and what the Bible is telling us ni kwamba utoaji wa mimba ni DHAMBI na tena ni uuaji wa kawaida tu..there is no good name for that...

Anonymous said...

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jopason junior said...

no no swali ni kwamba tusomeni biblia vizuri baada ya mungu kusema ktk kumbukumbu la torati 22:5 mwanamke asivae mavazi yampasayo mwanaume wala mwanaume asivae mavazi ya mwanamke :kwa maana kila afanyae mambo hayo ni machukizo kwa bwana ,mungu wako ;
ni kwamba god is serius and hatanii hata kidogo kinachotakiwa kwa hapo ni kujua kwa kuomba na kumuliza mungu mavazi ya kike ni yapi ?na ya kiume ni yapi since god aja mention hapo so be serius usiseme ni mambo ya kizamani kwani mungu wetu ni yule yule jana na leo hajabadilika tena mwishoni mwa mustari huo wa kumbukumbu anasema ni machukizo kwa bwana mungu wako si kwa mungu wao thus unawaona wanavaa si ajabu inaweza kuwa si machukizo kwa mungu wao ila kwa mungu wetu ni machukizo tuombe mungu katika roho na kweli tuache utani mungu hatanii


suruali ni vazi limpasalo mwanaume na sio mwanamke (Daniel 3:21) . Itakuwa ni jambo la ajabu kudai kuwa suruali zaweza kuwa mavazi yawapasayo wanawake pia, kwani hakuna hata aya moja katika biblia inayoonyesha hivyo.Biblia pia imewaagiza wanawake wajipambe kwa mavazi ya kujisitiri pamoja na adabu nzuri(2Timotheo 2:9)
Neno la Mungu linatuonya kwamba tusiipende dunia wala mambo yaliyomo(1Yoh 2:15) , kwani kuwa rafiki wa dunia ni kuwa adui wa Mungu .
Tunaelekea siku za mwisho sasa zinazidi kuwepo nyakati za hatari ambapo watu watakuwa wenye mfano wa utauwa lakini wakizikana nguvu za Mungu (maagizo ya Mungu)……….na kuchukua mateka wanawake wajinga…….waliochukuliwa na tamaa za namna nyingi wakijifunza siku zote ila wasiweze kupata ujuzi wa kweli(2 Timotheo 3:1,5-7).Wala msiifuatishe namna ya dunia hii bali mgeuzwe upya nia zenu mpate kujua hakika mapenzi ya Mungu yaliyo mema ya kumpendeza na ukamilifu(Warumi 12:2)Je, kushupaza shingo na kuendelea kuvaa surali huku ukikwaza watu ni kufanya mapenzi ya Mungu kwa ukamilifu?? Achana na hizo suruali hata kama wake wa wanaojiita wachungaji na mitume wanavaa wewe jiponye nafsi yako hakuna utakachopungukiwa wala kupoteza. Kama hutaki kufuat ushauri huu endelea kuvaa tena vaa zile za kubana hasa! Ufunuo 22:11.