Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Once upon a time, there were two beautiful, smooth, clear, clean rivers that flowed parallel to one another. But I caused these rivers to intersect, to come together and meet, and to become one.

As they flowed together and grew, behold, they came to the edge of a mountain, and these rivers that once were so smooth and beautiful went tumbling over the edge. The river tumbled ever so violently down the mountain, thrashing and beating against the rocks and the boulders. But it was through this very tumbling and thrashing that the water was purified, aerated and cleansed, and it became a beautiful waterfall that many could look upon.

The river's willingness to be thrashed about and beat against the boulders was the very thing that made it magnificent and drew people's attention to it, and caused them to marvel at the beauty before their eyes.

After this time of suffering and purging and thrashing and purifying, behold what is at the bottom of this beautiful waterfall--a deep and gloriously clear pool of cool, refreshing water! These two rivers that have united and have been purged and broken have become a beautiful pool of water.

Many people come to sit beside the pool. They dip their hands into the cool water and are refreshed and strengthened, and their battles are alleviated. They find strength and encouragement and comfort in this pool that is so deep and cool and clear and precious in My sight.

It is this pool that I am forming. This is My goal, to form of these rivers and of this thrashing waterfall a beautiful pool of refreshing water that many will come to and drink from, and there find succor and comfort and encouragement. Therefore be not weary, but hold on.

For though the rivers are beautiful, and though the waterfall is magnificent, and many people look at it and marvel, the pool will be the most beautiful. This is when you shall come to the end of yourselves, and My plan and My purpose shall then be accomplished.


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