Thursday, November 6, 2008

Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) charter

Baada ya kimya cha muda mrefu ambacho kilichangiwa na shughuli za kishule, kifamilia na kikanisa nalipokuwa Tanzania sasa nimerejea jijini Oslo salama salimini na familia yangu tangu tar 4.11.2008.
Nalipokuwa Tanzania nalikutana na mjadala ambao Sayuni imekuwa ikiwahabarisha habari zake mara kwa mara. Nao si mwingine ni suala la Tanzania kujiunga na Jumuiya ya kimataifa ya kiislamu OIC. Nami katika utafiti wangu nimekutana na kitu hiki ambacho nimeona vema niwashirikishe ili watumishi wa Mungu mfunguliwe macho na kujua kinachoendelea upande wa pili wa shillingi.
Attached find a copy of the OIC(Organization of Islamic Conference) charter ( which clearly shows that OIC is a religous based organization with Islamic goals and princples.
The recent argument by our Minister of Foreign affairs that there is no problem with Tanzania joining OIC holds no water as our constitution clearly does not allow us to join such an organization as it aims to propogate Islam and it's ideals.
The very first page says it all...'to endeavour to work for revitalizing Islam’s pioneering role in the world while ensuring sustainable development, progress and prosperity for the peoples of Member States; to enhance and strengthen the bond of unity and solidarity among the Muslim peoples and Member States;'Deeper in the document one of the requirements is for the country joining to have a Muslim majority and furthermore the non recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by calling it Al-Quds Al-Sharif and requring member states to join in this effort.
Furthermore another glaring objective and principle that states joining promise to adhere to is in Chapter 1 Objectives and principles (page 4)' 11.To disseminate, promote and preserve the Islamic teachings and values based on moderation and tolerance, promote Islamic culture and safeguard Islamic heritage'. This is clearly an organization with the purpose to 'promote' Islam which if Tanzania joined an organization to 'promote' Christianity, their member states would probably break diplomatic ties with us and Tanzanian Muslims would be up in arms and protest.
It is obvious that some leaders are counting on the fact that the majority of people would rather not understand the document if put to the referendum but choose to accept the purported 'aid' we would get if we would join the OIC. Hon Membe put it so well by declaring that money from 'the devil' is OK. Perhaps with him but not with any sane Tanzanian. Let's support CCT, TEC, PCT and other well wishers of Tanzania by disseminating the truth and with proper respect for our leaders as we do so.
God bless Africa. God bless Tanzania.

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