Friday, November 7, 2008

Padri akalia kiazi

Umewahi kusikia padri aliyekalia kiazi?eti alikuwa hajavaa nguo wakati anatengeneza mapazia na akaanguka bahati mbaya na kukikalia.Amefanyiwa operation kukitoa.
Soma hapa Chini

Have you heard about the nude Vicar and a potato inside him?An unnamed clergyman in his fifties was taken to Sheffield Northern General Hospital Accident and Emergency department with a potato lodged in his anus. He told the staff that he “fell” onto the potato whilst he was hanging his curtains in nude and insisted that it was not some bizarre sex game that went wrong.He had to undergo a surgical procedure before the offending vegetable was removed from his rectum.The hospital staff stated that in the recent times, they have removed other foreign bodies like a can of deodorant, a carnation, a cucumber and a Russian doll from other male and female patients.A representative for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said that although "unusual accidents" are often seen, staff are encouraged to deal with the matter in a "discreet, professional and kind way".A&E nurse Trudi Watson has been quoted in the press with several direct quotes regarding this incident. Although Ms Watson stated that she “believed” the Vicar’s story, she advised anyone tempted to use such objects in sex games to think again. “It can be very dangerous and potentially life-threatening," she said whilst guaranteeing patient confidentiality.

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