Friday, November 21, 2008

Please let's pray for our persecuted brothers and sistes in faith

Please and please let's say a prayer for these our fellows here;


– Two Christians Killed – VOM SourcesOn Nov. 12, two sisters were killed and their mother wounded by a gang of Islamic extremists in the Al Qahira section of Mosul, Iraq, The Voice of the Martyrs contacts reported. The gunmen shot one of the sisters as she was waiting for a bus outside their home. They then stormed into the home, killed the other sister and injured their mother. A bomb placed by the assailants at the entrance of the house detonated as police arrived on the scene, injuring several officers. Ask God to fill those who mourn for these sisters with a peace that surpasses understanding in the midst of their grief. Pray for healing for their mother as she recovers. Ask God to bring peace to Mosul.Philippians 4:7


– Prominent House Church Leaders Released by Police – China Aid AssociationOn Oct. 27, China’s Public Security Bureau released Pastor Zhang “Bike” Mingxuan, his wife and sister-in-law from detention, China Aid Association reported. Pastor Zhang’s sons Jian and Chuang, who were severely beaten by police officers on Oct. 16, have been forced to vacate their Beijing apartments, and are currently residing in Nanyang City, Henan province. Praise God for this family’s release. Continue to pray for healing for Pastor Bike’s sons. Ask God to continue His watch over this courageous family that continues to stand unashamed for Christ.Psalm 91:1-7


- Restrictive Religious Law Passes Parliament – VOM CanadaA restrictive religious law passed its final reading in Kyrgyzstan's parliament on Nov. 6, sparking concern among the Christian minority, VOM Canada reported. The new law, if approved by President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, requires religious organizations to have a minimum of 200 members whose identities have been confirmed by local authorities, bans the distribution of religious literature in public places, and prohibits private religious schools. Pray for believers in Kyrgyzstan who will come under increased scrutiny because of this law. Ask God to encourage and protect them. Pray believers continue to meet and boldly profess Christ.Isaiah 26:3


- Imprisoned Azerbaijani Pastor Transferred to House Arrest – Forum 18 NewsUPDATE – On Nov. 5, following a hearing at the Zakatala District Court in northwestern Azerbaijan, Pastor Hamid Shabanov was transferred from prison and placed under house arrest, Forum 18 News reported. Pastor Shabanov was arrested in June following a police raid on his home and faced charges of possession of an illegal weapon; charges that his family insists are fabricated. Pray for Pastor Shabanov’s family and congregation. Ask God to protect and encourage them. Pray charges against him are dropped.

Joshua 1:9
God bless you all,

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