Monday, October 18, 2010


For those of you who think God is "dead" or non-existent, I beg to differ. I became a believer when I was just 11, but never really understood the magnificent power and level of mercy of God Almighty until I almost lost my son...

This is my story:

I know what I believe, because I became witness to a horrific automobile accident involving my 5 year old son. If I could go back and video-tape that horrible moment after all these years, I would. Just so other people out there who have no clue of who God really is, or may have never clung to their own faith with white knuckles while feeling like their heart was being ripped from their soul. I was a God-fearing, Bible-believing person before this ever took place, but God had a lesson for me to learn...

After an exhausting day of preparing for a family trip, I took my two children, and a friend to a local roller rink. After exiting the car, I looked up to see my five year old little boy already across the street waving to me, and looking so proud that he'd made it over there all on his own. After I recovered from my initial shock, I yelled at him for disobeying the rule of crossing the street while holding my hand. In direct response, he started running back to me. He ended up tripping in the middle of the road and fell down.

At that moment, a large black car came racing down the street toward him doing about 60 mph. I went to run to him, but felt my feet cemented to the ground. I couldn't move. In disbelief, I watched the car zoom by right in front of me, and in a desperate attempt, reached out my arm and cried, "Oh God." I watched in agonizing horror as the car ran over my son.

There was smoke from the driver skidding his brakes. No one ever got out of the car. It was black, and had very dark tinted windows. I never saw the driver. I turned around to yell to my daughter and her friend to "stay put" as I tried to prepare myself to see my son's body parts all over the place. I started walking, then shaking. All I could do was look at the ground, because that's where I expected to see his maimed body. But when I got around to the rear of the car, and then the other side, I saw nothing. I looked up, rather confused, and my daughter yelled over to me asking if Justin was OK. I said, I didn't know, because I couldn't find him. There wasn't any blood.

Then I took a deep breath and got on my hands and knees and looked under the car. He wasn't there either! I just stood there, feeling like I was in a really bad dream. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him. He was STANDING UP on the curb of the side of the road he'd originally crossed over to. I quickly ran over to him, and hugged him with all my might. He looked like he was in shock. I kept asking him, "how did you get all the way over HERE?" He just shook his head. I waved for the driver to go, and he did. Nobody ever got out of the car. After looking all over my son's little body for broken bones, cuts, etc., I noticed he didn't have a scratch on him. Not even from when he fell in the middle of the street.

That entire day, prior to going to the skating rink, I'd been complaining ALL DAY about my kids, and how I must have heard the word, "mom" a thousand times. I kept muttering to myself that if I never heard the word, "mom" again, I'd be happy. I didn't realize that until later, as I was putting my children to bed. After a sudden realization, I couldn't drop to my knees fast enough, and beg God's forgiveness for saying such things, then I thanked Him for saving Justin's life. My son is living proof that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. I believe that with all my heart. He is 21 now, and the light of my life. So tell me...What do YOU believe?

Don't let the devil steal your joy or one more day of your SOUL. Give your life to Jesus...I promise, you'll never be the same again.

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