Friday, October 8, 2010

Email kutoka Congo-DRC-Lubumbashi

Nimepata Email hii kutoka Lubumbashi,Congo-DRC.

Dear servant of God, I have a big problem, I had a car accident with my bike and I hit a child her Right leg 3 years.
The family of the latter had forced me to go to the hospital for us to prescribe drugs. I was having to pay the consultation form more than one drug was prescribed but not given the solution, and then they forced me to radiology to his leg.

I now I do neither gold nor silver to examine the child's leg. This for the I am sending this message and ask for mercy for her last will ask God to fetch the according to his will because he can do anything.
And the latter is called Kyungu Jeconiah.

Alain, DR CONGO / Lubumbashi.

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