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Bishop Zachary Kakobe

Bishop Zachary Kakobe is the International Revivalist, and Founder of Bishop Zachary Kakobe International Ministries (BZKIM), a faith based non-profit organization, registered in the USA. He is also the Founder and the General Overseer of the Full Gospel Bible Fellowship Church, which is registered in Tanzania. He pastors a megachurch in Dar-Es-Salaam City, Tanzania; which is the mother Church; and from there, he oversees more than 400 branch churches (daughter churches), which he planted scatteredly across all the regions and districts of Tanzania mainland.
Bishop Zachary Kakobe is a Tanzanian national; born on Monday, June 6, 1955; in Kibondo, Tanzania. His spiritual journey began on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1980; when he was born again at a Miracle Healing Indoor Crusade, which was conducted by a renowned National Evangelist in Tanzania, Bishop Moses Kulola, at the Tanzania Assemblies of God Church, Ilala, Dar-Es-Salaam, pastored by Pastor Titus Mukama. In that evening, the Gospel message that was preached by Bishop Moses Kulola, made Zachary Kakobe to go forward to the pulpit, for salvation. He went forward to the pulpit, weeping bitterly in public, and repented his sins; with a real intention from the depths of his heart, to turn away from all sins, and deceitful pleasures; and accepted Jesus in his heart to be his personal Lord and Saviour. From that day on, his life was completely transformed. His wife and his friends who knew him before, testified that his life was changed. He was born again. He was a new creature, in Christ. Shortly after, he made Tanzania Assemblies of God church, Temeke, Dar-Es-Salaam; his local church home. For a number of years after his conversion, he was a faithful member of this church, and his Pastor was the late Callist Masalu, who was a renowned Servant of God in Tanzania, for more than four decades.
Bishop Zachary Kakobe's call to ministry was paranormal, or to put it in simple terms, it came through a supernatural experience. In 1982, Jesus Christ came personally to his living room, on two different occasions, to deliver His message of calling him into ministry. On all occasions, Jesus came to the room in early hours of the night, long before bedtime when normal business was going on in the living room. In the first instance, Jesus knocked on the securely locked door, and before the door could be opened, he passed through that door without opening it. When he entered the room, the living room lights went off, without being turned off by anyone; and His glory illuminated the room. He then took a seat and started saying, "Fear not, I'm Jesus." Then He said that he was sending Kakobe to preach his Word.
He continued to say that, Kakobe, will be a Shepherd of a large flock of sheep, and he will tend and feed thousands of sheep and lambs; and moreover, he will oversee many other flocks of sheep. At the same time, he will preach the Gospel to multitudes; beginning in his Nation; and in the latter years, to great multitudes, in many Nations around the world; with mighty signs and wonders following him wherever he goes to preach His Word. He spoke a lot of other things pertaining to God's plan for Kakobe's life and ministry; and finished by urging him repeatedly, to be faithful to him, till the end; so that he could see all these things come to pass, in his ministry. After the concluding remarks, He did not give any room for discussion. Then He departed through the same door, in the same manner; and immediately, the lights of the room were automatically turned on again.
Surprisingly after receiving this message, Kakobe responded negatively to the call of Jesus Christ. In a heart to heart discussion with his wife Hellen, Kakobe told her, "I'm sorry, I can't be a Crusade preacher or a Pastor. I'm not interested at all in this kind of ministry. I'm only interested in becoming a big businessman, and use my money to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing more, nothing less!" At this particular time, Kakobe was involved in the ministry of helps in his Church, the Tanzania Assemblies of God. He helped the National Evangelist, Bishop Moses Kulola, to start a tape ministry and was using his electronic equipment to record his Gospel messages and distribute the sermon tapes to a wider audience; at his own costs and expenses. He had a burden to spread the Word through the sermon tapes of Bishop Kulola.
He was also a partner in Bishop Kulola's ministry. He was burdened to give his all, to the Gospel of the Kingdom. He absolutely had no interest in becoming a Crusade preacher. At his Assemblies of God Church home, he didn't have any preaching or teaching assignment. He was just an ordinary member of the Church. He told his wife, "If Jesus gives me a chance to respond to His call, my answer will be, I'm not interested in becoming a Pastor or a Crusade Preacher; and I will ask Him to give me power to get wealth; so that I can offer a lot of support to the Preachers of the Gospel."
A couple of months later, that same year; Jesus came again to Kakobe's residence, in more or less, the same way. On this occasion of His second visit, He took a shorter time elaborating on God's plan for Kakobe's life and ministry; but this time with greater emphasis; and then He concluded by saying that it will take a much longer time for Him to come again in this manner, and thereafter He departed.
Did this second visit of the Lord bring positive developments in Kakobe's response to the call? Not at all! Kakobe continued with the same stand for a number of years, without relenting. Then came the year 1987, in November, when the Internationally renowned Evangelist, with the heart for Africa, Reinhard Bonnke, held an evangelistic Crusade in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. That Crusade attracted multitudes of people, coming from all over the Nation. Kakobe was one of the ushers of that Crusade. On the last day of the Crusade, there was a great move of the Spirit of God. Thousands of people decided for Christ, and many miracles occurred. As the preacher was winding up with words of farewell, Kakobe took a little time to think about the masses of people, the numerous decisions for Christ and the miracles that occurred, which had greatly glorified Jesus in the City and the nation at large. While he was thinking about these things, the two visits of Jesus in his living room, five years back, came fresh in his mind, and suddenly, he heard a small still voice speaking in his heart saying, "Son, the preacher is now saying farewell to the multitudes, who then, will continue to glorify My Name, after his departure?" After this voice, what happened? In his own words, Kakobe tells the story, "This voice broke my heart within me, and all my bones shook. I was helpless. When the multitudes sang joyfully songs of praise in conclusion of the crusade, I couldn't sing with them, but instead, I wept bitterly and cried at the top of my voice. I repented my stubborn disobedience to the call of my Lord, thanked Him for being patient with me and surrendered my will to His will, and said, Here am I Lord, use me as You will. Then the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon me, and I was suddenly filled with the Holy Ghost power; boldness, faith and an inward intense desire to preach the Word and pray for the sick and the needy. I just couldn't wait another single day to preach His Word in Miracle Healing Crusades!"
After the necessary spiritual preparations, then the day came. That was August 3, 1988; when Kakobe started his preaching journey. With his evangelistic team, the Gospel Evangelistic Team (GET), he went upcountry to start a series of Miracle Healing Crusades, on the invitation from various Pentecostal churches. He conducted a total of ten Open air Crusades in Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Tabora, Mbeya, Coast and Dar-Es-Salaam regions; in Tanzania. Commenting on the success of these Crusades, one Senior Pastor said, "These first ten Crusades in his ministry have confirmed his calling." In all these Crusades, the attendance was far above average. Hundreds of people decided for Christ, in each Crusade; and phenomenal miracles occurred.
Speaking on the remarkable miracles, which occurred in his first ten Crusades which he can't forget; Bishop Zachary Kakobe had this to say, "I can't forget two remarkable miracles. The first one is a remarkable miracle which the Lord performed in the Crusade I conducted at Hedaru Village market ground, in Kilimanjaro Region; from Saturday, August 13 to Monday, August 15, 1988. This Crusade was sponsored by Swedish Free Mission Church. On the first day of the Crusade, the villagers were reluctant to come close to the Crusade grounds because they didn't believe in miracles; then suddenly, I was filled with an abnormal kind of faith which prompted me to speak to the people who were afar, and tell them to bring any lame person who is known to all the villagers, and immediately after prayer the lame person will stand up and walk.
Just on nearby premises, there was a lady who was more than 40 years old; she had been lame from her mother's womb. All the villagers knew this lady. They carried her wherever she wanted to go because she couldn't crawl or creep, let alone stand and walk! They hurriedly brought her near me, and they said, "Preacher, if this lady will rise and walk, then we are going to believe your preaching." Then I said, "Something extraordinary is about to happen, right here, right now! I'm just waiting for all those people who are standing afar off. Please come close, and see this miracle with your own eyes." Shortly after, the Crusade ground was jammed with hundreds of people who were full of anxiety. Then I said boldly, "This lady is going to stand and walk right now." After saying these words, fear came to me; I trembled, and all my bones were shaking. This kind of ministry was very new to me! I was learning a lesson of how to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit; in the School of the Holy Spirit. Then I heard a voice within me saying, "Today, you will be put to shame because you said something that is absolutely impossible. Your ministry is going to be ruined right away."
Shortly afterwards, I saw one of my teammates, who was playing the accordion, before I took the pulpit to preach; slowly leaving the area to hide himself. Then I heard a small still voice within me saying, "Fear not, my servant, for I am with you. Just say a word of prayer and I will do the rest." The latter voice made me ignore the former one, but I decided to close my eyes while praying, so that I couldn't see what was happening around me. Then I said a word of prayer. When I finished praying, I decided to keep my eyes closed, so that I couldn't see the rest. Then followed a dead silence, and thereafter, ululations; a loud shrill scream - a peculiar high-pitched trill used commonly by women in Africa and in other cultures, as a sign of joy - which made me open my eyes! And guess what! The lady stood on her feet for the first time in her life and started to walk. The audience was electrified with shouts of joy and shouts of Hallelujah! The news of the miracle spread so fast by word of mouth that people flocked in from all directions, and even the accordionist came out from his hiding place! Everybody wanted to see the miracle with their own eyes! Jesus was alive and real to every villager, and thereafter the villagers believed every Word that was preached. The amazing miracle continued to be the talk of the village for a number of years after the Crusade. Moreover, the miracle ignited my faith also and made me preach Jesus in the next Crusades with deep conviction in my heart, as never before.
The second miracle occurred at a Crusade I held at Chalinze Village, Coast Region, late January 1989; which was sponsored by Elim Pentecostal Church. Here, too the villagers were reluctant to enter the Crusade because they didn't believe in miracles. On the first day of the Crusade, there were very few people in attendance. Most of the attendees came together in a group, bringing with them a lady who had a unique kind of muteness. Not only was she unable to speak even a word for three years; but also during the entire period, she crowed like a rooster every three to four hours. Every villager knew the lady because of her unique kind of dumbness. Medical science couldn't explain why a human being could crow like a rooster! The people told me, "Preacher, if prayer in the Name of Jesus can make this lady speak, and stop crowing, then we are going to believe your preaching and follow your Jesus."
I told them, "Go to the streets and invite as many people as you can, to come and see this miracle. After a short prayer, she will talk normally, and crowing will let her alone." They went to the streets and in no time at all, the grounds were filled with hundreds of people who were anxious to see the miracle. Guess what! After a short prayer, the lady spoke normally, and crowing was no more. Four hours elapsed, and there was no sign of crowing. They observed her again for the whole night and to everyone's surprise, crowing was history! The following day, almost the whole village, was attracted to the Crusade grounds, and hundreds of people gave their lives to Christ. This continued daily, until the last day of the Crusade; and this miracle also became the talk of the village for a number of years after the Crusade.
Kakobe's last Crusade, among the ten; was done at Kijitonyama Pentecostal Church grounds in Dar-Es-Salaam. That was late February 1989. After this Crusade, he took some time to communicate with all the host Pastors of the ten Crusades, in order to find out, if serious intensive follow up on the new converts who decided for Christ, in these Crusades, had been done thoroughly after the Crusades. His interest, right from the start, was not only to bring forth fruit in the Crusades, but to make sure his fruit remained; because he had conviction in his heart that this is the will of the Father (John 15:16; 1 Thessalonians 3:5,8). In the assessment of the work done, he found to his dismay, that most of the host Pastors hadn't taken a keen interest in doing follow-up on the new converts. They somewhat considered Miracle Healing Crusades, more or less, as mere entertainment. In fact, some of them took their holidays immediately after the Crusades. This evaluation made Kakobe to seek the face of God seriously, and inquire of Him whether he should continue in that direction, or otherwise. After praying for about one month and a half, the Lord clearly directed him to start a Church, the Full Gospel Bible Fellowship; so that he could go and bring forth fruit, and see to it that the fruit remains.
In mid April 1989, he gathered 13 young converts and camped in his residential house at Kijitonyama, Dar-Es-Salaam; for an intensive two-week Bible Study course. Thereafter, on Sunday, April 30, 1989, he started his Church services with 13 faithfuls, at Jamhuri Primary School at Mnazi Mmoja area, Dar-Es-Salaam. So the Word of the Lord spoken to Kakobe, was fulfilled. Kakobe was now a Pastor, and more was yet to come! Having also in mind the training of Pastors, a few months later, he started Bible classes towards the cause.

Full Gospel Bible Fellowship Church (F.G.B.F), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

From this humble beginning, to date, Kakobe pastors a megachurch in Dar-Es-Salaam, which is the mother church and has personally trained and sent out into the Lord's fields, more than 700 Pastors. On Sunday, March 7, 1993; he ordained the first batch of 28 Pastors (19 Pastors and 9 Assistant Pastors); and commissioned them to open up the first 19 branch Churches (or daughter Churches), in all the then 19 regional headquarter towns in Tanzania mainland; and by February 2000, Kakobe had already planted more than 400 branch Churches (or daughter Churches), scattered across all the regions and districts of Tanzania mainland.
choir side

Full Gospel Bible Fellowship Church (F.G.B.F), Dar es Salaam; Sunday Worship Service.

What is the secret behind this admirable work? Signs and wonders in Kakobe's ministry, have definitely played a major role in pulling down strongholds and casting down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, in Tanzania; a land with a good percentage of Muslims. In his own words, Bishop Kakobe explains, "A soul winner, is a fisher of men (Matthew 4:18-19). We are fishers of men. In fishing, a fisherman will use a bait, to cover up the barbs and the sharp point of a fish hook. Fishermen use nightcrawlers, insects or small fish, as fishing bait, which will attract fish. As the fish is lured into biting the bait, it impales itself on the hook which is attached to the line of the fishing pole, and therefore it is caught by the fisherman. A fisherman cannot use a plain fish hook without bait and expect encouraging results. The fish will run away from a plain fish hook. In the same manner, the Gospel is sharper than a two edged sword. It is like a fish hook. A fisher of men can catch men easier if he uses "fish baits" or "men baits", if you like, on the "evangelistic hook", which is the Gospel. The signs and wonders in this case are used as "fish baits" or "men baits" to attract unbelievers to hear and believe the Gospel.
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Full Gospel Bible Fellowship Church (F.G.B.F), Dar es Salaam; Sunday Worship Service.

Based on these grounds, Kakobe has conducted hundreds of Indoor and Open air Miracle Healing Crusades in his country since he founded his Church; and these Crusades have contributed immensely to the success of the Church Planting. For example, in 2007 alone, he did a total of 211 Open air Miracle Healing Crusades in 211 different towns and villages; scattered across all the regions and districts of Tanzania mainland, in a period of 256 days only; starting from January 5, 2007 at Mlali Village, in Morogoro Rural; and ending on September 17, 2007 at Ngerengere Village, in Morogoro Rural. In some of these days, he did three Crusades per day, in three different towns or villages; one Crusade in the morning, the following in the afternoon, and the last one in the evening; and in some days he did two Crusades in two different towns or villages, each day.
All in all, within this period of 256 days, he did three Crusades each day for 10 days; two Crusades each day for 53 days and one Crusade daily for 75 days. So the total number of "Crusade days", if you like; were 138 only and the remaining days were used in moving from one area to the other, and also pastoring the mother church, in Dar-Es-Salaam. He did these Crusades not only in big towns and cities, but also in the remotest villages across the country where no Crusade had ever been held before. From Mahurunga Village in Mtwara Rural District in the South East, near the Tanzania Mozambique border (July 28, 2007), to Wampembe Village in Nkasi District in the South West, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika (May 28, 2007); and from Bwisya, Ukara Island in the North West (May 12, 2007); to the Duga Maforoni Village in the North East, near the Horohoro, Tanzania Kenya border (August 16, 2007) and from Kabanga Village in the West at the Tanzania Burundi border (May 16, 2007); to Kilindoni, Mafia Island in the East (June 28, 2007), and from Njani Marikanda village in Arumeru District (March 26, 2007) and Loliondo (March 30, 2007), both in the North; to Mpwayungu village in Chamwino District, in the Central area (March 12, 2007); and to Tunduru, in the South (July 30, 2007).
After unveiling the secret behind Kakobe's Church Planting Ministry, let us now go a step further. After ordaining the last batch of Pastors, on Sunday, January 30, 2000; Kakobe was saturated with a great desire to open up daughter Churches in other Nations of the world. However, before proceeding, he decided to inquire of the Lord if his desire was in line with The Lord's will for his ministry at that particular time.

After thorough prayer, the Lord clearly directed him not to do so. He reminded him of his call to preach the Gospel to great multitudes, in many Nations around the world, with mighty signs and wonders. He was also reminded that, as he was foretold in 1982, that assignment was to be fulfilled in the "later years" of his ministry. The Lord also gave him a plan for the implementation of the assignment. He said that, when he would go to preach to the Nations, he would be working in partnership with the Global Body of Christ; empowering, equipping and supporting the local churches to fulfill their mission. Even so, the Lord said that he was to go through intensive training till the later years; when he would be released full scale into that kind of ministry. He told him that before that time, he would continue to be released occasionally into International ministry, and then back to training; until the appointed time. The Lord concluded by urging him to always remember that, it is required in stewards, that one be found faithful.
This answer to his prayers, made Kakobe recall what happened a few years back, that is, in 1996 after his first International Miracle Healing Crusade in the City of Pune, India; and then shortly before this answer to prayer, that is, in 1999, after his Miracle Healing Crusades in the City of Kandy, Sri Lanka; and in Mathare slums in the City of Nairobi, Kenya. The great number of decisions for Christ and the countless genuine amazing signs and wonders in those Crusades, left a mark on the history of Miracle Healing Crusades in those Cities. As a result, each one of these Crusades opened lots of doors for International ministry, but as Kakobe inquired of the Lord for the go ahead; the Spirit did not permit him (Acts 16:6-7). It was now vividly clear that, the appointed time, had not yet come. Kakobe was still in a wilderness of obscurity, being molded and trained by God, in his native country, Tanzania; and even the occasionally permitted International Miracle Healing Crusades, were themselves, part of the training.
Since the year 2000, when Bishop Kakobe received from the Lord, guidelines for his International ministry, God has continued to release him very occasionally to minister internationally, but the impact of his International Miracle Healing Crusades, has been phenomenal. In 2006; his Miracle Healing Crusades in Korea were a complete surprise to the Crusade organizers, the Korea Revival Mission. They said, "We have never seen anything like this, before!" In 2008; for only six days, his ministry shook the whole country of Burundi; and everywhere, the conversation was about Jesus Christ! Likewise, in May 2010, his four-day historical Miracle Healing Crusade in the City of Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, gripped the whole City and nearby towns, and Jesus Christ was alive and real to the skeptics. Similarly, in August 2010, his five day Miracle Healing Crusade in Lusaka, Zambia; also made Jesus Christ to be the talk of the City and the whole country at large.

bishop mama 1

Bishop Kakobe and his wife, Hellen

And now, at last! The long awaited comforting news is here! The appointed time is here at last! It all started in 2010, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, when Bishop Zachary Kakobe International Ministries was registered in the USA. Then after a long prayer retreat on April 16, 2012; thirty (30) years after his paranormal call to ministry, Bishop Kakobe finally declared, "By the Grace of God, Today, I'm full-scale released by the Holy Spirit into International Ministry. The latter years have now arrived!" Yes! Bishop Zachary Kakobe is here, ready to serve the Lord of Harvest as His vessel for revival to the Nations. His great desire is to come to your City for only one assignment; to lift the Name of Jesus higher, and much higher! To God, and our Father, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen. (Galatians 1:4-5). Bishop Zachary Kakobe is the husband of one wife, Hellen. They got married on December 11, 1979; and together they have four children.

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