Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Fourth Dimensional Life

2010 November 7th

Sunday Sermon at Yoido Full Gospel ChurchSeoul, Korea

Speaker: Senior Pastor Emeritus Rev. Yonggi CHO

The Fourth Dimensional Life
(Jeremiah 33:2-3)


The line between two points is called the first dimension. A plane consisting of many lines is called the second dimension. When the second dimensional planes are enveloped to create time, space, and materials, it is called the third dimension. The spiritual world, which surrounds the third dimension, is a world that transcends the senses and a world of thoughts, dreams, faith, and languages. This world is called the fourth dimension.

A higher dimension governs a lower dimension. In Genesis chapter 1 verse 1-3, a fully devastated third dimensional world is surrounded by the spiritual fourth dimensional world to be re-created.

1. The Lord, who established it

1) Jonah’s experience in Nineveh

God governs the universe and all things in the universe.

God governs the gourd vines, insects and even the mere events in life

2) God takes care of us in every detail of our lives.

God showers his grace upon us.

Psalm 127

- We build a house called life and build a castle called a profession.

2. Call to me

1) A woman who called out to Jesus in Doru and Sidon.

- She called out for three times but was rejected.

2) Call to the Lord until He answers you

3. I will tell you great and unsearchable things

1) The third dimensional world is the human solution.

2) The fourth dimensional world

new thoughts new dreams faith in the impossible creative confession


The third dimensional world is a way of life based on humanism. Thoughts, dreams, visions and confession of faith that God gives us belong to the fourth dimensional world. Those who believe in Jesus live in the fourth dimensional world, by heart, though they are physically living in the third dimensional world. The fourth dimension governs and creates the third dimension.

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