Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barack Obama continues to be dogged by claims that he is misleading people about his past opposition to a bill in the Illinois legislature protecting babies who survived late-term abortions.

New audio reveals that while arguing against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) in the Illinois Senate in 2002, state lawmaker Obama suggested two doctors tending to a baby who survived a botched abortion would be too much of a burden to the child's mother. "And that essentially adding an additional doctor -- who then has to be called in an emergency situation to come in and make these assessments -- is really designed simply to burden the original decision of the woman and the physician to induce labor and perform an abortion," he stated. Jill Stanek is an Illinois pro-life activist and columnist who has written extensively about Obama's record on abortion. She says the Democratic presidential hopeful "definitely does not have one iota of concern" for the baby. "He only cares about the doctors, making sure they get enough sleep -- and the mom, making sure that even though her pregnancy is terminated, that she can have the dead baby that she wanted," says Stanek. "So that's apparently his goal with abortion."
Obama has claimed that he opposed the Illinois infant protection bill because it threatened Roe v. Wade and that he would have supported it if it had included language identical to the federal bill. However, the bill did contain language identical to the federal measure -- and Obama still opposed it. Last week the pro-life group National Right to Life produced legislative records it claimed proved Obama had "blatantly misrepresented" his opposition to BAIPA. After Senator Obama returned from his Hawaiian vacation, his campaign finally admitted the two bills contained identical language. Stanek says Obama owes her and National Right to Life an apology for accusing them of lying about his record. "He misrepresented for four years the fact that he had voted the way that he did," she says. "As recently as Saturday night, he was denying that what was true was true." Columnist Brian Fitzpatrick notes that major media outlets have virtually ignored the fact that the Obama campaign admitted he has misled the public on the matter since 2004.

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