Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bishop arrested in rape,murder and drinking human blood

Police in Naivasha have arrested a Church Minister implicated in alleged incidents of rape, torture and drinking human blood.

New Hope for All Nations Church Bishop Jeremiah Paragyo (25yrs) was arrested Thursday morning after a suspect believed to be a serial killer and rapist claimed he had requested him to secure some human blood for him.

Shocked residents thronged the Naivasha police station including worshipers at the bishop's church, expressing disbelief at the happenings of the last one week in the town.

Journalists also had a hectic time trying to catch a glimpse of the man implicated by the suspect, Geoffrey Njoroge Matheri in the gruesome rape, torture and murder in the town.

However a shocked Bishop Paragyo told the reporters that his detractors were trying to malign him in public.

Speaking while being led to the police cells Paragyo said that he had been called by the CID officers to record a statement after being adversely mentioned by the leader of a street gang who is suspected to have raped several women, abducting them and killing others.

Naivasha acting OCPD Paul Kisang' told the press that they were holding Bishop Paragyo for interrogations after he was mentioned as an accomplice of Matheri.

Kisang' said the Bishop would remain in police custody to shed more light on the saga that has left many people reeling in shock and disbelief.

Earlier police arrested 15 street urchins after they were implicated in the serial rape and murder.

Matheri is claimed to have confessed to the security forces in Naivasha that he drunk human blood but sold the body parts to members of a religious cult.

On Wednesday, police exhumed the body of a woman found in the suspect's house at Kihoto estate with some parts missing.

He was arrested over the weekend after two women were rescued from his house where he had held them for a week, raping and torturing them.

When word went round that the Bishop had been allegedly involved in the bizarre acts of drinking human blood which the suspect was supplying him at the church, the Naivasha resident s threatened to burn the mega church but police were called in and managed to turn the mob away.

There was also heavy security at the Bishop's home as irate members of the public camped at the venue threatening to burn the

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