Saturday, May 31, 2008

Out Of The Fullness Of The Heart The Mouth Speaks!

Dear Sayuni visitors,
We're the vessels of His Love to pour out His Love to others. It's all the Lord, it's all His Love, but He needs someone to work through. We're channels & tools in His hand!"Open your mouth," the Bible says, "and He will fill it." (Psa.81:10) But where does He fill it from? He fills it from your heart. If you have filled your heart beforehand, if you're full of the Spirit, if you're full of His Love, His Spirit & knowledge of His Word, the message you want to get across to others, when you open your mouth He'll fill it, right out of your heart! It just rolls out by inspiration.God doesn't expect you to do it. All He expects you to do is yield to Him, then He will do it through you. When you turn on a water faucet, the faucet is not doing the work! It's the power from outside that causes the water to flow effortlessly through the faucet! The faucet is just the channel, just the hole, to let the water flow out! That's the secret!If you're full of the Spirit, full of prayer, full of the Lord, full of the Word, then you can just let it roll! Ask God to turn you on & it will flow! You'll be amazed, it will be beautiful!

God Bless you as you continue to bring your friends here.
Frank Lema


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