Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Words from Jesus

There are cycles in life when things go well, then
they go bad, then I bring about victories and they go
well again. You must hold on to Me, seek Me, and follow
Me through each phase of life's cycles.

When you're faced with obstacles, tests and hardships,
don't let them discourage you. Don't be downcast or
worry that they will not be solved, or that victories
will not be won; for I say to you, they will, because
they are part of the cycle. But you must go through
this portion of the cycle to come out at the other end
with victory.

That's the purpose of the cycle: that when the
problems and the difficulties arise, you rise up to meet them
in faith. You fight and you win, and that brings
forth the next portion of the cycle: the victory, the
progress, the forward movement. Then you are faced with
new challenges, new fights and new tests, and you must
once again fight, take up the challenge, seek Me, and
cry out to Me, that you may overcome these tests and
difficulties, and that you may then move out of that
portion of the cycle, and again on to the victory.

Like a wheel, the top goes down to the bottom and
comes up to the top again. That is motion, and that moves
the vehicle forward. That's what these cycles do--they
move you forward.

So you must take up the challenges, you must seek Me,
and you must win the victories, so that the cycle can
be ever turning, ever revolving, ever moving
forward--so that you will constantly be moving forward,
growing, going on, ever upward, ever forward and on to

Loving you deeply,
Jesus Christ.

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