Sunday, July 27, 2008

Be A Faithful Operator.--Lema Mailing Lists

Be A Faithful Operator.--Pray!
A prayer is just like a telephone call. When the Lord puts the thought in your mind about a certain person, that's a message from God. He's putting in a phone call to you, & He wants you to be the operator to connect the call to the person He wants to reach.
God initiates the call! Then you are like the telephone operator, & you have to transfer the call. God plugs the call in & if you are willing to plug it out, you can reach whoever He's trying to help. Your faith is the hand that flips the switch so they can receive God's message! You are the link between God & them, so if you fail to pass the call on, they will never get the message!
Of course, the person on the other end of the line has to pick up the phone when it rings & they have to listen & receive the call. You can't make them receive it, you can't make them pick up the phone. That's their responsibility! There are all kinds of reasons why you, as the operator, sometimes can't get through, but you have to keep trying!
Please pray! You're the Operator. It's your responsibility to pass on the message. Please don't fail!--Or someone will miss God's important call!
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