Thursday, July 3, 2008

Msaada wa Biblia

Nimepokea ujumbe wa email kutoka kwa mtu mmoja aliyeko africa ya magharibi.
Inaweza kuwa ni phishing au la but kwa kuwa aliyeandika anaomba msaada wa Biblia na si pesa ni vyema tukaangalia utaratibu wa kumpatia huyu Bwana Biblia.Hebu soma email yake aliyoniandikia.

"Dear Friends in Christ,I greet you out there in Jesus Lovely name.I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh to the Father but byme John 14:6. Jesus Christ is our salvation! I was searching for a studymaterial when I came across your email and convinced you are a Christian.Please do not be angry at this letter and undermine me because I amreaching you through the internet. God led me to your email and I know I'mblessed having to know you. I am a member of Grace Bible Church in BeninCity, Nigeria. By His grace I'm a believer born again and blood bought(blood of Jesus). I am married with four children and six grand children. Ihave a great passion doing the work of the master especially now I work onmy own having not to be disturbed like when I was working 10 hours in theclerk office work.. I am not rich in this worly riches but richspiritually in Christ. I came to know Christ in 1986 and since then serveHim with commitment. I live in an area where there is much hunger andcrisis but the Lord keeps us from them all.Our church is a small churchwith about twenty people. I am the assistant pastor to pastor Kalu who isa very committed man of God. As you can see I can speak and understandEnglish well as we are British colonised country. I have assess tointernet through a relative who works in an office with internet so I cancheck and receive my email here.I am writing you because I need your help for bibles. Bibles are costlyhere and many Christians do not have bibles. Most get theirs from peoplein other countries when they can reach to other Christians there. Myfriends name Furi told me to go internet where I can get some to help andI know God has directed me to you. Please kindly send to us 7 bibles ingiant print, king James Version. I am using one while the six others arefor six mothers and fathers in our church who cannot buy the biblesbecause they are costly. The giant print bibles are the ones we needbecause they come in large letters words good for those who are aging orhaving reading problem. Please kindly help us and sow this seed to ourlives here. Where a seed is sown, harvest will surely come and it willcome to you. Please send bibles to me through post office insured mail, mypostal address shall be given below."But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and allthese things shall be added unto you" Matthew 6:33.The Lord blesses you richly as you continues to walk in his ways. Pleasewrite me back."

Kama ukitaka kumsaidia mchungaji huyu Biblia naomba wasiliana na Mtade kwa simu namba +255-713-427857 au mwandikiea kwa email .

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