Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Christian Is Not Perfect, But He Is Forgiven

Some people say you've either got to be black or white & there's no gray in between. But the fact of the matter is, there's no such thing as black or white, we're just about all gray!--Aren't we? Nobody is perfectly clean & white except by the blood of Christ & by faith!Look at some of the greatest men in the Bible!--Men of faith, but all of them made mistakes. They all became shining examples--not of their own greatness, but of their utter dependence on God.Nobody's ever good enough! We're all fallible, we all make mistakes, we all have sins, & it's only the grace of God that we are saved! It's only His Love & mercy & His grace & His sacrifice on Calvary that saves us!--Nothing else!--Nothing! Thank God Salvation doesn't depend on how good we are or even how bad we are! It only depends on our faith in the mercy & grace of Jesus Christ! In spite of all our sins & shortcomings, failures, mistakes & unsaintliness, God can still save us through Jesus! He still loves us & we can still be Christians if we will just receive the Lord & His gift of Eternal Life! Only Jesus is perfect & able to help us!--Which is why He had to come!

God bless you all, We love you all.

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