Friday, October 3, 2008

Let us Pray for these our fellow brothers and sisters in persecution

Shalom, please and please, let us pray for our fellow Christian brothers and sisters who are facing persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

VOM Prayer Updates for September 30, 2008
IRAQ – Father and Son Martyred

– Compass Direct NewsRayan Nafei Jamooa, a Christian, was killed by a group of armed extremists on Sept. 10 in Mosul, Iraq, Compass Direct News reported. The murder occurred only two weeks after his father, Nassar Jamooa, also a Christian, was kidnapped and killed by unidentified assailants. Although there are often financial motivations behind the kidnapping of Christians in Iraq, a local clergyman noted that ransom money was not requested in either case and maintains that these men were targeted strictly because of their faith in Christ. Pray for those who are grieving the loss of Rayan and Nassar. Pray that their killers will come to know Christ’s love, forgiveness and blessing through the lives of God’s people in Iraq.Romans 12:14, 21

INDIA – Government Warns States to Control Anti-Christian Violence – VOM SourcesVOM sources report India’s government formally warned Orissa and Karnataka state to control the anti-Christian violence that has continued into its fifth week following the murder of a Hindu leader by Maoists extremists. Despite the warning, VOM sources continue to receive reports of attacks on Christians in both states and throughout the country. * In Orissa’s Kandhamal district, a Christian man was hacked to death by militants who stopped him and his wife while they were fleeing to a relief camp in the town of Phulbani on Sept. 20. His wife escaped the scene unharmed. Arson attacks on at least 10 houses and the kidnappings of Christians have also been reported. A young Christian woman was dragged from a relief camp into a nearby jungle where she was abused by a gang of extremists.* In Karnataka, seven Christians were arrested and detained on charges of forcible conversion in Thalikare village and four churches, three in the city of Bangalore and one in Kodagu district, were ransacked and vandalized by extremists, also on Sept. 20. Pray for an end to this wave of brutal violence. Pray that believers under attack will set Christ apart as Lord and not give in to fear. Pray that those who persecute Christians will come to repentance and faith in Christ.1 Peter 3:14-17Sri Lanka – Churches Set on Fire – National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri LankaMore than 60 people set fire to a church building used for Sunday school in Puttlam district, the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka reported. Members of the church who live in the vicinity arrived at the scene and attempted to stop the arson attack and were assaulted by the mob. The attackers threatened children who had also gathered, but their parents took them away to safety. The pastor informed the police about the attack, however, they were not able to bring the large mob under control for some time, but eventually succeeded in dispersing them. Meanwhile on Aug. 17, another church in Puttlam district was set on fire and completely destroyed during the night. A group of people who visited the pastor’s house earlier that evening and threatened him are suspected of having carried out the arson attack. A police complaint has been made and three people have been arrested. Pray for the members of these two churches. Ask God to protect them and provide resources to rebuild the church building. Pray their testimonies will glorify God and draw their persecutors into fellowship with Him.Psalm 23

May God bless you all as you keep on praying for our fellow believers.

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