Friday, October 31, 2008

No Matter What Else You're Doing, You Can Always Be Praying

You don't have to be down on your hands & knees to be praying. In fact, in everything you're doing you ought to be praying & "looking unto Jesus, the Author & Finisher of our faith." (Heb.12:2)
Prayer is like breathing, just breathing the Holy Spirit all the time. Stay in constant communication with the Lord, constantly thinking about Him, & you will be anointed & Spirit-led in everything you do! If you're praying about what you're doing & asking God for wisdom, He has promised to give it to you! (Jam.1:5)
The Lord can save you a lot of work, a lot of trouble & a lot of time if you'll just pray first before you start a job. Pray about it & ask the Lord to help you & lead you, even if it's just a word--"Jesus, please help me!" You can pray in a split of a second & get the answer back quickly.

God is within all things but not included; outside all things, but not excluded; above all things, but not beyond their reach.

To find God, we must be willing to seek Him.

Stay blessed in Jesus name..

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