Friday, October 17, 2008


Praise the Lord!
Please we beg you all, let us pray for these our fellow brothers and sisters who are facing persecution because of their faith. PLEASE pray for them, do not ignore them.

– Christian Released from Prison – VOM Sources/Forum 18 NewsPraise God! Aimurat Khayburahmanov, a Christian arrested and detained on charges of terrorism in the autonomous region of Karakalpakstan, was released on Sept. 30, according to Forum 18 News and VOM sources. The Nukus City Criminal Court ruled that the “religious extremism” charges against Khayburahmanov be dropped and that he receive amnesty for the charges of “teaching religion without official approval.” Praise the Lord for his release. Ask God to protect Aimurat as he continues serving the Lord despite pressure from the government. Pray for other believers in Uzbekistan who are facing prosecution because of their faith.Philippians 4:6-7

- Christians Killed in Mosul – Associated Press/VOM SourcesSeven Christians have been killed in Mosul, Iraq, so far this month, The Associated Press and VOM sources reported. On Oct. 4, an armed group of suspected Islamist extremists assassinated a man named Hazim Thomaso Youssif in front of his clothing shop, and Ivan Nuwya was shot to death in front of his home, located near a mosque in the Christian-majority neighborhood of Tahrir. Meanwhile on Oct. 6, a disabled 25-year-old shopkeeper was shot and killed in the neighborhood of Karama. The Associated Press reported Iraqi police said four other Christians, a pharmacy employee, a disabled man who owns a spare-parts store and two day-laborers have also been killed. Some Christians believe that extremists are targeting shopkeepers in an effort to wipe out the Christian community's economic activity and drive out believers from the area. Pray for those who mourn these lost lives. Ask God to continue to embolden the Christian community in Mosul to proclaim the gospel even while suffering.2 Timothy 4:16-18

– More Christians Killed in Anti-Christian Violence in Orissa – VOM SourcesAt least three more Christians have been killed in the widespread violence that began seven weeks ago in Orissa state’s Kandhamal district. On Oct. 1, an elderly Christian, Lalji Nayak, died from axe wounds he received when a mob of Hindu extremists attacked the village of Hrudangia. His wife, also attacked with an axe, was seriously injured in the head, and his brother was hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds. Meanwhile on Oct. 2, two men were dragged out of their home in Sindhipankha village, shot and then dismembered. The assailants also massacred cattle belonging to believers and burned homes owned by Christians. Approximately 400 homes have been set on fire by extremists in Kandhamal and Boudh districts over the past week. Pray that those who mourn will find peace in the fact that those who have suffered with Christ will be glorified with Him. Pray for healing for those injured. Pray that Christians in India will continue to live as cross-bearing disciples and remain steadfast in faith at all cost.Romans 8:15-17

– Church Destroyed by Islamic Extremists – VOM SourcesOn Sept. 30, Muslim extremists demolished a Catholic church in Kismayo, a town in southern Somalia, VOM sources reported. The area has been in the control of a militant Islamic organization affiliated with Al-Qaeda since August. The militants have vowed to launch similar attacks on all other local non-Muslim places of worship. They plan to replace the destroyed church with a mosque. Islamists have reportedly imposed Sharia law in Celwaq, another southern town, elevating concern for Christians in the region. Pray that the believers in Somalia will be steadfast in their service for the Lord. Pray that they will rejoice in the opportunity to grow in Christ likeness through their tribulations.James 1:2-4

Please share this with others too and be blessed always.
-Lema for Sayuni.

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