Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Bring Forth Fruits Meet For Repentance!"

"Bring Forth Fruits Meet For Repentance!"
True repentance is not just being sorry, it is "metanoia", Greek for a complete change of heart, mind & direction!Many people are always being sorry but never really changing--like King Saul! Poor Saul never learned! He apologized & was sorry many times, but he never repented, he never changed, he never turned & went the other way! Saul would break down & weep before the prophet, & he would break down & weep before David, but he didn't weep because he was repentant, he wept because he was sorry he was being caught! (1Sam.15:24-30) He wept because he was sorry over losing the kingdom, but he didn't really confess & forsake his sin, the evil root beneath the outer show. (Pro.28:13)Though King David also committed great sins, he had a great repentance--a genuine true change, & therefore God had a great forgiveness for him. He sought God's heart. (Psa.51) He really loved the Lord & he really wanted to glorify God & to please Him! In spite of all his sins & mistakes & blunders, the Lord loved David because he was willing to fight & die for Him!--And David went on to do a job for God in spite of all his sins!
Dear Sayuni visitors, I am encouraging you all to be more like David and never like Saul.
God bless you all as you continue bringing your friends to sayuni blog.Amen.

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