Friday, April 4, 2008

Daily Might:You Need To Learn To Talk To The Lord, & Learn To Listen Most Of All!

With a lot of people, prayer is a one-way street! They do all the talking, & are more concerned about having God hear what they have to say than they are about hearing what God has to say. They try to put their program across on God & get Him to sign His Name to their program. But prayer is not just speaking your piece. It is most of all letting God speak His piece!Instead of praying, "Hear Lord, Thy servant speaketh," we should be like dear little Samuel, the child prophet, who at five years of age said, "Speak, Lord, Thy servant heareth!" (1Sam.3:10) It's not up to the King to try to go chasing His subjects around to try to get them to do what He wants. We should fear, respect, & reverence the Lord, & treat Him like the King He is. We must come to Him with respect & sincerely, in trembling, present our petition & wait in quietness & confidence until He answers! Getting quiet before the Lord shows that we have faith & are trusting Him.God always knows what's best & chooses what's best for us, the unbeatable choice!--So learn to get His answers & you will find that He will solve all your problems!
God bless you all,

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