Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Muslims, kindly read this first

Assalamu alaikum (Arabic language),
Shalom (Hebrews),
Peace be with you(Britain),
Amani iwe nanyi(Swahili) ,

Christians and Muslims disagree on the nature of God, salvation, prophets, the true Scriptures, etc. For the great majority of us on both sides, we will not change our views. You believe in Allah and Muhammad as his prophet. I am a Christian, saved by the grace of my Lord and Savior, Jesus. In obedience to Christ, and according to the Bible, I seek to expose error and teach the truth...and, respectfully, I do not think Islam is the truth. I say this outright so that no Muslim will accuse me of being deceptive or having a hidden agenda. My goal is to convert Muslims to Christ so they may find salvation in Him and to inform seekers about Islam as compared to the Bible and in so doing, turn them to Christ. However, please realize that I have no hatred for Islam, Muhammad, Muslims, or the Koran.

A Muslim never wronged me and I had no trauma as a child involving anything Muslim.I have some relatives, neighbors and friends whom are Islams. I mean no insult to you at all when I say that according to the Bible, I respectfully believe Islam is false. I know you disagree and perhaps you will take it as an insult or some form of persecution. I hope you do not. But, I am simply being faithful to my Lord Jesus in defending His truth as revealed in the Bible. I realize that there are many good Muslims in the world who are peaceful, honest, compassionate, and who desire to serve God in truth. I do not fault any Muslim for this. Likewise, I hope you will not find fault with my honest intention to do the same according to the convictions of my heart since I seek to serve God. Nevertheless, if I mistakenly misrepresent Islam on this site, I take full responsibility for it.

It is not my desire to produce a false image of Islam and then attempt to destroy the false image. I only ask that you let me know in what area I have erred (with documentation) and I shall do my best to correct it, within reason. I say “within reason” because a difference of opinion on a matter does not warrant a correction. But, if I have some error in facts, definition, dates, or doctrines of Islam, I would value being corrected. I do not seek to attack and call Muslims names or use emotional and poorly reasoned arguments as "proofs" for my position. Rather, I seek to know Islam truthfully, convey a factual and honest representation of it to readers, and, of course, to tackle what I consider are its errors. Therefore, these pages will be somewhat fluid in that they will be refined over time. My only desire is that you find the forgiveness of Jesus and the love of God that abounds in my heart and the hearts of His redeemed people.In short my desire is for you to be served (al-Najat)

To my side will be exciting time, i have to do by the grace of God, my calling is not to argue with Islams rather is to tell them the gopsel of Jesus. In the body of Christ my calling is to re-shape and purify the body of Christ. I am even against christians who claiming they are christian while not by their acts.

I may a respond to some questions which will be written honestly trying to know the truth.This articles follows afters some comments on the below posted articles regarding the differences between Jesus and Muhammad. For mature and wise enough you dont suppose to react and being furious, sit down digest, investigate, ask honetsly.

We were born with our religions, though no one can tell me the advantages of these religions in these world, Jesus he didnt brought any religion he brough salvation and by that we will see God only through Jesus.!!.Some one is Islam simply because his or her parents are Islams , some one is Christian simply because his/her parents are Christians!!!!! What the the silly is this?? we have to investigate and know the truth,once you know the truth YOU WILL BE FREE, NO PANIC NO REACTIONS FOR ANY ONE WHO WILL QUESTIONS YOUR BELIEFS, because you know from A-Z of it, my self i had to go against my parents(I love them I respect them) because i wanted to serve my soul!

Evaluate youself if you would have been born in other religion more than islam, how would you come to know that islams which your claiming good religion is realy good???

The followings website may act as reference and for serious readers may peruse and gain knowledge.
2. (hosted by Arabs )
3. hosted by Arabs)

Now a days Quran is online!!! no secret any more, the truth will be called by their names!

Oooh!! let this stick in your mind as time permit i will expose the false of ,Jehovah's Witnesses,Roman Catholicism,SDA .So this ambition is not for Islams, is for all false faiths.

STAY TUNED EVERY FRIDAY......................

Stay blessed, in the name of Jesus.


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