Monday, April 14, 2008

Music is Important to the Lord!

Music Is Important To The Lord!

Music is so important that God's children have used it
for many purposes throughout history! In fact, they
not only played music & sang songs, but they recorded
them as well!--Not with the advanced methods we use
today, but in whatever ways they could, & you can read in
the Bible the recorded words of some of the earliest
Christian songs.

Moses was a singer & writer. David wrote a whole book
of songs, the Book of Psalms! Jeremiah wrote a song
now known as Lamentations. Hannah, the mother of Samuel,
wrote songs (1Sam.2), & Deborah & Barak sang a duet
before the Children of Israel! (Judges 5) The Lord even
used musical instruments to save His children from
their enemies, like the trumpets which caused the walls
of Jericho to fall (Joshua 6), & the Midianites to
flee from Gideon's meager army of 300 men. (Judges 7) You
can read all through the Bible how God's children
were constantly singing & making a "joyful noise unto the
Lord." (Psa.100:1) Even Jesus & His disciples sang
songs (Mat.26:30), & Paul exhorts that we should all
sing psalms & spiritual songs. (Col.3:16) John even heard
singing in Heaven--the song of Moses! (Rev.15:2,3)

So dear Sayuni visitors, "come, let us sing unto the Lord!" (Psa.95:1) we too, can bring down most of our great problems by just singing onto the Lord.
God bless you all

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